CANADA Pre-Order Rich Skipworth's Lock Down Doodles Book

CANADA Pre-Order Rich Skipworth's Lock Down Doodles Book


US$42  Includes Book Price + USA-to-Canada Shipping. (U$42 is about CAD $51.)


Now available for PREORDER through June 21, Rich Skipworth's much anticipated Lockdown Doodle book!  


  • We will be placing our order with the UK printer on June 22
  • It will take 1-to-3 weeks for the books to get to us in the USA
  • We will ship to you, USPS International Mail immediately upon our receipt of the shipment form the UK
  • We will email you a tracking number at the time of shipping

About the Book ...
In 2020, Lockdown started, and Rich started doodling in a new style. He set about just drawing and painting the things he liked, using a colourful and deceptively simple technique. The things he liked included such subjects as greyhounds, trees, ice cream vans, steam trains, clouds, classic cars, and more greyhounds!

This book showcases his first year’s work in this new style. It’s 108 pages long, 250mm (or 8 inches) square, and contains over 50 full color illustrations accompanied by many original working sketches.

Rich Skipworth has generously offered this book to us at a charity discount; our proceeds from this book  will help raise money to help offset the North American transport of greyhounds and other dogs saved from the meat trade. Once in North America, the dogs are homed by our USA recue partners.