Male Galgo Project - Annual Donation

Male Galgo Project - Annual Donation


14 Male Galgo Project "superheros,” specifically. 


  • The Flying Dog Foundation (para Espana) is forming two (2) teams for a "teaming" program. 


  • The goal of each team: sponsor a dog enrolled in The Male Galgo Project.

  • The monthly per-dog cost of the program is $140; each team member can donate $20 monthly or $240 annually.

Go here if you'd prefer to donate to the Male Galgo Project on a recurring  montly basis.


The Male Galgo Project

Males are often overlooked for adoption and can languish in more traditional shelters. The dogs under the protection of The Male Galgo Project are transitioned to more optimal conditions in smaller Spanish “residencies.”

The residencies are similar to private kennels. The boys get special attention, nourishment, and the individual care they need to become adoptable gentleman. 


The project, which has had much homing success, is a joint effort between organizations in the USA, Canada, and Spain.