The Flying Dog Foundation helps make profoundly positive, life-saving changes in the lives of dogs in dire situations by awarding grants to partner rescue organizations. The primary focus is on, though not limited to,  dogs rescued from the China meat trade and hunting dogs in Spain. The founders of the Foundation, an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charity, are American animal and dog lovers, greyhound adopters, and experienced greyhound adoption supporters. We believe with great passion in helping dogs escape nightmare circumstances and helping them get to new lives filled with love.

The Flying Dog Foundation EIN is 84-3722623.


Making A Difference


Help The Flying Dog Foundation offset expenses for China meat trade and Spanish hunting dog survivors. Every penny counts, so please, give what you can. The Flying Dog Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity in the United States. Our EIN Number is 84-3722623.

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2021 Rich Skipworth Calendar

We partnered with Rich Skipwroth to bring you the 2021 "Lockdown" Doodle Calendar. US shipping only, $23 each, FREE shipping, with all proceeds donated to help more greyhounds, and sometimes other dogs, rescued from the meat trade get to our US rescue partners for homing.


2nd Annual Clear for Takeoff International, Virtual 5K

Register for our 2nd annual, international and VIRTUAL 5K being held October 24 - November 1, 2020. Walk, run, cycle, skate ... you name it and wherever you are in the world!  Go 5K (3.1 miles) during the event. No checking in–we're on the honor system. After the event, get our 2020 medal in the mail. Registration is a $25 donation USA, $30 outside the USA. On October 25, registration increases by $5. Proceeds will help to pay for the US transport of more dogs rescued from the meat trade.


Something for Everyone!

Let's face it––rescuing greyhounds, galgos, podencos, and other dogs is expensive. And, as is the case with rescuing dogs from the China meat trade, flight and other transportation costs add up. The Flying Dog Foundation runs multiple fundraisers to help offset the expenses incurred by our partners.


Make a Difference with Us

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." – William James

Become a member of our Facebook group (it's free!) to stay connected to our events and news. Whether you're donating, participating in fundraisers, and/or sharing our posts, you'll be playing a critical role in helping to save more greyhounds, galgos, podencos, and other dogs from nightmare circumstances. Some of our events are USA-only, but many are open internationally. All are welcome.


The Flying Dog Foundation Founders


Jacqueline Howard


With her husband, Albert, Jacqueline adopted her first greyhound in 2000. Since then, she has volunteered in greyhound rescue and served on a Board of Trustees for a greyhound rescue group. Jacqueline is also the host and producer of the "About Greyhounds" podcast and has fostered over 100 greyhounds and countless cats and kittens with her family. Jacqueline is a writer and by day works for a Fortune 50 company; her company recognized her as the Volunteer of the Year in 2017 and 2018––this led to an electronic billboard featuring her and her greyhound Baron, on the Times Square billboard in her original home town, New York City, both years. She's also authored two humorous fiction books, "Son of a Dog" and "Cruise to Nowhere," both featuring rescued greyhounds. In 2019, Jacqueline and Albert adopted Felix, a Candy Cane Rescue greyhound from China.

Ellen Ganopoulos


Ellen has tirelessly worked in greyhound rescue since1995. That's when she and her husband, Bill, adopted their first greyhound. Ellen served as a long-time trustee of a greyhound rescue group and fostered countless greyhounds––nursing several to health after they suffered catastrophic racing injuries. Over the last ten years, Ellen has worked as a crisis counselor and has been a greyhound therapy dog handler specializing in NJ state disaster/terrorism mental health response. Since 2012, Ellen also took on rescue efforts of galgos and podencos in Spain and has competed over 25 New York and Madrid round trips to bring dogs to the States for placement in loving homes.

Felix Hantz von Hound

Official Flying Dog Foundation Ambassadog

An alumnus of Candy Cane Rescue, Felix was saved from a meat market in China the latter part of 2018. In February, 2019, Felix was flown to New York and immediately adopted by Jacqueline and Albert. He is, perhaps, the most silly, affectionate, and loving greyhound in the world and shines at events where he helps spread the word for his brother and sister dogs suffering in China.


Partner Organizations

Candy Cane Rescue

Elite Greyhound Adoptions South Florida

Galgo Podenco Support

Michigan Greyhound Connection

Minnesota Greyhound Rescue

Motor City Greyhound Rescue (MI)

More to Come


The About Greyhounds Podcast

We've chosen three episodes of the About Greyhounds podcast that directly relate to the types of rescue work The Flying Dog Foundation supports. Discover what goes on behind the scenes (we do keep the conversations away from the more heinous details) and some of the ways your donations are saving dogs around the world.

The podcast is produced and hosted by The Flying Dog Foundation founder Jacqueline Howard.
You can find the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, anywhere else podcasts are available or listen directly form the podcast's website here:


One Rescuer’s Experience Saving Greyhounds in China

Flying greyhounds to safety in the UK and USA

There’s no easy way to say it:  a small population in China eats dogs, including greyhounds. With underground racing popular among some Chinese, the meat trade in the country is bursting with greyhounds. It’s a horrific situation. But there are brave, compassionate people in China, the UK, and the USA working together to save greyhounds and other dogs trapped in horrific circumstances.
In this episode, we sit down with the founder of Elite Greyhounds South Florida, Sonia Healy Stratemann, to talk about her recent trip to China where she worked with Kerry Lawrence, founder of Candy Cane Rescue in the United Kingdom, and other rescuers to save as many greyhounds and other dogs as possible.


Financial Report

The Flying Dog Foundation is firm in our belief that transparency is king. We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charity registered in the United States of America.


Our Stance on Greyhound Racing

The Foundation's founders are adamantly opposed to greyhound racing. Greyhound racing is cruel and some USA racing dog owners sell their greyhounds to parties in the underground racing industry in China. There, the greyhounds are used for breeding, kept in deplorable conditions and, when they and their puppies are no longer of value to their captors, are typically sold to the meat trade. We support organizations that have not been identified by the National Greyhound Association (the governing body of USA greyhound racing) as friendly to its industry.


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