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Recent Action by the CDC Banning Dogs from Certain Countries Entry to the USA

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See The CDC Notice & How The Foundation Is Responding

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Contact the CDC, Your US Senator, and Representative

A way to help grassroots efforts with the goal of convincing the CDC to overturn its recent ban on the import of dogs (i.e. "rescue dogs") from over 113 countries from around the world.

Below is a message crafted by Stray Dog Rescue (and slightly edited by The Flying Dog Foundation) that you can copy-and-paste to send to the CDC expressing your concerns. Below the message is CDC contact information and how to find, then reach, your US Senator and Representative.


I am writing/calling to protest the CDC’s blanket decision to suspend the importation of dogs from 113 countries, due to alleged risk of rabies/ falsified rabies vaccination records. While I understand the need for tighter restrictions, I believe including dogs in need from reputable organizations is unnecessary, inhumane, and, most importantly unsupported by science.

There are many reputable nonprofit rescue organizations that responsibly bring homeless, abandoned, and abused dogs from these countries to the US. Once on American soil, they are adopted into loving homes and given a second chance at life.

We would like to join you in your efforts to keep all animals in the USA healthy and safe, by allowing exemptions to rescue organizations who go above and beyond to follow all guidelines, conduct regular testing, provide proper documentation and are committed to only sending healthy dogs to the USA.

Please reconsider the ban’s extremity and develop a tailored policy that will prevent unscrupulous actors from importing dogs with false paperwork – but would not hurt thousands of deserving dogs that depend on reliable rescuers abroad and their forever families in the US.


If you choose to write your own message, please keep it professional and sincere as we want (and need) the CDC’s help to make any change happen.

Please send your message to the following email addresses:

Sandra Cashman:

Ashley C. Altenburger: or

Dr. Emily Pieracci: or

Be sure to copy the main CDC email alias, as well:

If you wish to call, here are the telephone numbers:

Ashley C. Altenburger: (404)639-4585

Dr. Emily Pieracci: (404)639-4757

Sandra Cashman: (404) 639-7120


Use the below links to find, then contact, your US Senator and US Representative.

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